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The mini is ideal for use in flower arrangements
Overview of the nursery

Decorative in various interiors

Easy maintenance and care
Automated production

The transport of the roll containers containing the plants is carried out by a computer-controlled automatic vehicle.

Automated production with robots

The pick-up and drop-robots place the plants and in the roll cages.
For delivering the plants are sorted by length by a camera.

Schefflera Nora

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Plant of the month!


Plant van de maand!

No comprehensive package of requirements and no do's and don'ts that you are supposed to to do. In the first place, like ...

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Air purifying quality


Luchtzuiverende kwaliteit

Schefflera is air-purifying All plants produce oxygen , but the Schefflera ( arboricola ) also purifies the air . This is important in the ever- ...

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Over the Schefflera Trees & hellip;


Over de Schefflera Arboricola

Care The Schefflera is easy to maintain. Many (direct sun) light to shadow 1x per week , moderate water Ambient temperature 10 to about 30 degrees celsius Af ...

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Beautiful & amp; Easy

The Schefflera Aboricola is a plant that can easily adapt to any interior and does not need much care.

Once a week some water and lots of light he likes the best. Possibly at a more darker placement he lives a healthy live as well!

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Timeless & amp; Trendy

The Schefflera is a timeless plant because he's been popular for decades both at home and in offices and hotels.

In a beautiful, nice pot or vase your schefflera always looks trendy and stylish in the interior!

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The Schefflera belongs to group of air-purifying plants . Your Scheffera is able to keep your environment healthy at home.

Also, the Schefflera at KMN is environmentally friendly cultivated.

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